Coach, specialist in skating and hockey skills.


Player personality is formed from the first steps on the ice.

My hockey beginnings were in Světlá nad Sázavou, where I first stood on skates when I was four years old. I attended sixth grade of elementary school in Havlickuv Brod, where I also went through all the youth categories, my goal was to play in the highest league and make a living playing hockey, like any other young boy who does not know what is all needed to achieve this goal. My maximum was junior extraleague in Havlíčkův Brod, where I joined the men. But here I didn´t get a chance to play. I ended my hockey career in HC Hvězda Praha, that played the second division league (west group).

In 2000 – 2002, I realized that my I do not make a living playing hockey and its rather holding me back. I decided to try out various jobs, I even traveled to Australia to study the English language, which is nowadays indispensable and also to get to know people of a different mentality, a different environment, etc ..

In 2007 I returned to the Czech Republic, I worked in Prague for one unnamed travel agency and on one occasion I incidentally met with a client from Canada who was a big fan of hockey. A friendship formed between us. In my spare time I invited him to a hockey game on Sparta Praha and even on Slavia Praha. Our friendship continued to work even after his return back to North America. After a week he let me know that he was coming back to the Czech Republic, would like to see me and invited me to the Junior World Championship, hosted by the cities of Liberec and Pardubice. After a while I got a job offer to work for him in Vancouver in his own company. At that moment the idea of hockey was born again in my head. The beginnings in Canada were difficult, after becoming independent I bought an apartment and began my rounds at hockey clubs and academies.

I found employment in the Performance Hockey Center, I took care of players in dry preparation and skating belt (skatemill). Of course I enjoyed the work, but I wanted to get with the players on ice, so I moved on to the Two Way School. There I worked as a demonstrator of hockey skills and then as a skating specialist. Time passed and I went on to the RPM Hockey Company to work as an instructor and coach. After all the hard work comes a well-deserved reward – I received an offer to lead the team of Ravens Hockey Academy of the year 97 as a head coach.

Three years in Canada gave me enough experience, practice and knowledge of different backgrounds, so I decided to return to the Czech Republic where I wanted to use my experience and pass it on to the players. After returning to the Czech Republic I started working in a renowned hockey school at Lipolec by Dačice, I gained the B Czech coaching license and trained players at individual skills.


Education in Canada and the Czech Republic.

  • Certification SCOS (Skating technique, Vancouver, CAN)
  • CertificationSD (Game skills, Vancouver, CAN)
  • License B (ČR)


Individual training is the most modern, most effective and most intensive way of training a player in ice hockey.

  • PR – reklama novinový tisk Deník Sport 2020
  • PR – reklama Deník Sport, komerční prezentace – hokejové kempy 2020
  • Shockey ve spolupráci s Czech Wolves, Letní kemp, Rokycany 2020
Shockey – spolupráce s Czech Wolves Hockey Development School 2020
  • Shockey ve spolupráci s Czech Wolves, Letní kemp, Rokycany, 2019
  • Shockey ve spolupráci s IHA Surpass, Letní kamp, Karlovy Vary 2018
  • Shockey na týdením kampu zaměřené na powerskating v klubu Les Bisons, který organizoval head coach Petr Prajsler, Paříž/Francie 2018
  • IHA Surpass, Jarní Kamp, Plzeň 2018
  • Shockey – part of the club HC Pumy Pelhřimov 2018 – 2019, Czech Republic
  • Skill teaching for HC Pumy Pelhřimov 2018, Czech Republic
  • Summer Camp at Buly Aréna – Kravaře 2017, Czech Republic
  • Europe Summer Camp, Náměštovo 2017, Slovakia
  • Spring Camp in Košice 2017, Slovakia
  • Skill Camp with Josef Marha  Náchod 2017, Czech Republic
  • Yearlong cooperation with young players from BK Havlíčkův Brod 2016 – 2017, Czech Republic
  • Preparation of  A – team 2. league BK Havlíčkův Brod 2016 – 2017, Czech Republic
  • Spring Camp Bruck 2016, Austria
  • Skill Camps with Stanislav Jasečk  České Buďejovice 2016, Czech Republic
  • Cooperation with VSK Technika Brno 2016, Czech Republic
  • Summer Camp Budapest 2016, Hungary
  • Christmas Camp Dunajuvaros 2015, Hungary
  • Cooperation with HC Orli Znojmo 2015, Czech Republic
  • Summer Camp in Buly Arena – Kravaře 2015, Czech Republic
  • Promotion for HC Oceláři Třinec 2014, Czech Republic
  • Promotion for HC Dynamo Pardubice 2014, Czech Republic
  • Promotion for HC Motor Česke Budějovice 2014, Czech Republic
  • Spring Team Camp for U12, U13 HC Steel in Košice – Crow Arena 2014, Slovakia
  • Christmas Camp in Košice – Crow Arena 2013, Slovakia
  • Summer Camp in Košice – Crow Arena 2013, Slovakia
  • PHD Personal hockey development – Co-owner and head coach, specialist in skating and hockey skills 2012 – 2014, Czech Republic
  • Specialist on skating and head coach – grades 5 – 7 of KLH Vajgar Jindřichův Hradec 2010 – 2011, Czech Republic
  • Hockey Talent Academy – Specialist on skating and hockey skills 2010 – 2012, Czech Republic
  • Head coach Ravens 97 – younger students category, Ravens Hockey Academy 2010, North Vancouver, Canada
  • Hockey instructor / coach – RPM Hockey Company 2010 Vancouver, Canada
  • Hockey instructor – Two Way Hockey school 2008-2010, Vancouver, Canada
  • Instructor – Skate Mill and gym, Hockey Performance Centre, 2008-2009 North Vancouver, Canada