Become a part of the Hockey Teaching Center under the leadership of Ondřej Smrž,
coach of professional players from the NHL.


For young hockey players who want to improve their skills.


For young hockey players who want to improve their skills without disrupting club duties.


Summer hockey camps with accommodation and food.


Consultation of achieved parameters, description of strengths and weaknesses with recommendations.


Our offer has expanded to include golmans training.


Every young and adult hockey player should be insured.



We don’t only focus on professional players, but we also help young players become professionals.

Jan Kovář EV Zug A – tým Reprezentace
Michal Teplý AHL Rockford IceHogs
Dominik Simon NHL Calgary Flames
Šimon Kubíček Extraliga Motor České Budějovice
Tomáš Křehlík SK Horácká Slávia Třebíč
Jiří Kučný HC Slovan Bratislava
Matěj Toman Extraliga Motor České Budějovice
Tomáš Rachůnek HC Energie Karlovy Vary
Martin Nečas NHL Caroline Hurricanes
Matin Hugo Haš OHL Guelph Storm

Martin Kaut MODO HockeyAllsvenskan, Sweden
Petr Šenkeřík HC Energie Karlovy Vary
Jan Klodner HC Sparta Praha
David Musil HC Oceláři Třinec
Miroslav Kukla SC Kolín
Adam Musil HC Bílí Tigři Liberec
Ivan Rachůnek HC Energie Karlovy Vary
Lukáš Endál HC Poruba
Daniel Piskač HC Dukla Jihlava
Lukáš Doudera HC Vítkovice

Andrej Kiss USPHL Richmond Generals
Vladimír Dravecký HC Oceláři Třinec
Jan Ordoš HC Bílí Tygři Liberec

Adam Jánošík SHL IK Oskarshamn, Sweden
Jakub Kover ICEHL Bratislava Capitals
Ondřej Matas Hockey Club Hasselby Kalvesta, Sweden
Richard Gruber ICEJLRB Hockey Academy
Johanes Gruber ICEJL RB Hockey Academy
Ben Dorner Skien IHK
František Brož HC Wings J18, Sweden
Jakub Kindl Kolner Haie/ DEL

Trenéři, kluby (spolupráce):

David Vinš HC Vimperk
Dušan Barbořák
HC Žilina
Viliam Loffler HC Žilina
Miroslav Vybíral HC Orli Znojmo
HC Oceláři Třinec
HC Ridera Vítkovice
HC Dynamo Pardubice
HC Motor České budějovice
BK Havlíčkův Brod
HC Vimperk

Michal Teplý

SHOCKEY client, representative of U20

Matěj Toman

SHOCKEY client, representative of U20

Jakub Kover

SHOCKEY client, Slovakia representative of U20

Jan Klodner

SHOCKEY client, representative of U20

Jan Ordoš

SHOCKEY client, representative of A-team

Musil brothers


Rachůnek and Šenkeřík brothers

Rachůnek and Šenkeřík brothers in SHOCKEY

Šimon Kubíček

SHOCKEY client, representative of U20

Jan Kovář

SHOCKEY client, representative of A-team

Jakub Kindl

SHOCKEY client

Dominik Simon

SHOCKEY client

Jiří Kučný

SHOCKEY client


One-to-one instruction is the most modern, most effective and most intensive way of training a player in ice hockey.

Hockey skating is one of the basic skills that every player must master. His training and improvement is an activity that never ends and that is something that even the best hockey players cannot ignore. In the first years of dedicated practice, skating should be the main part of training content. Wrong mastering of skating limits the player and in the later years of his career he does not develop his game to the required level of performance.

After mastering the basic techniques of skating, it is necessary to combine this with other physical skills, especially in activities with the puck. Practice shows that skating backward and forward with rapid changes of direction with the puck is highly neglected, which is later negatively reflected in the confrontation with other hockey countries. All these exercises focused on agile skating with and without the puck in the youngest age groups produces high quality and strong neuromuscular motion stereotype, that with constant repetition leads to perfection and brilliance of individual techniques of a player.

Exercises that are also neglected in the training of all ages involve those during which changes and displacement of the center of gravity occurs / deep squatting, kneeling, bending forward / while controlling the puck.

Early specialization of players on defenders and attackers in the youngest age groups creates great limitations in mastering all the techniques of skating. It becomes a negative factor for the development of individual skills of a player. In the higher age categories we are met with clumsy and slow defenders and on the other side with attackers that haven´t mastered defensive skating skills.

Only mastering the skating technique while controling the puck in conjunction with a high degree of development of speed, strength and dexterity skills in higher age categories will bring a player to perfect mastery and high performance of play. Skating lessons should be started as early as preschool age (5-6 years) and in the first two years of organized training of young players, more than 80% of the time should be devoted to skating.

For practicing skating, a very important condition is the quality demonstration of movement. Therefore, it is important that the coach has high quality of skating, because players mimic their models and retain some of their characteristics of skating into adulthood. The size of the icerink where a player learns has effect on skating. When skating on a small icerink the player is led to frequent cross-over skating and direction changes, while a large space supports skating in a slide.

Thanks to his personal and individual approach Ondřej Smrž can preserve for future generations a high level of hockey in our country. The structure of the annual training cycle motivates players and enhances their ability to actively learn. Positive motivation is the foundation stone of the approach. Training for young players should take place at least 3 times a week for 60 min per session (these hours do not include general preparation off of the ice). For older players training should be carried out according to the number of championship matches. Of course in the pre-event period there should be more training.


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