Classicalbelongs to the manual relaxation techniques that takes effect immediately and one-time not only on the physical but also on the mental condition of the person being massaged. Removes fatigue, weakness, stiffness, shortening and muscle soreness. Massage is done by firm and hard touches, that release a fatigue substance (lactic acid) in the muscles, also relieves skin tension, helps blood circulation of the skin and muscles, absorbing of sprains and swelling and ultimately improves tissue nutrition and removes pain.

  • loosens sweat and sebaceous glands on the skin surface
  • relaxes tense muscles
  • massage positively effects the nervous system, blood and lymph vessels
  • accelerates the expeling of toxic substances from the body

Sport This massage helps every athlete, whether to increase and stabilize performance, or to remove difficulties that emerged in connection with sport activity. Massage is important and regenerative after a sports performance, and its effects also prevent permanent damage to the body. Massage focuses on the muscles and muscle groups that were involved in the specific sport activity. Effectively helps to quickly relieve muscles and relax the skin. While stimulating the local lymphatic pathways that wash away waste products and lactic acid from muscles. Sport massages stimulate blood circulation in the body and hence the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps remove waste products from the metabolism, effects muscle tension and joint mobility, positively effects the nervous system and psyche.

  • helps to regenerate muscles and tissues
  • increases blood flow to the skin and removal of dead parts
  • helps lymphatic and vascular system in flushing out toxins
  • relieves musculoskeletal pain and improve its performance
  • relieves stiffness
  • ideal supplement to regular physical exercise and activity
  • stress, depression, nervousness, fear
  • emotional blocks