This technique originated in Japan in the early eighties of the 20th century and the author of this method is Dr. Kenzo Kase. The technique has spread mainly in the USA and Europe, especially in Germany. After its introduction there was a huge boom, this technique was interesting to the general public, both professional and non-professional.

Kinesio-tapes are used for eliminating pain in muscles and joints, to improve the function of muscles, tendons and joints. Promote blood and lymph circulation and have a beneficial effect on the healing of muscle tears. Kinesio-tapes stabilize joints, improve the state of post-surgical scars and help to improve the condition after paresis.

The material which is used for this technique is different from the classical tapes. Classical tapes are used only during load. On the other hand kinesio-tapes are used, due to the different material properties, a few days to one week, then are renewed until resolving the problem. The material of kinesio-tapes is therefore flexible and water resistant. Its application does not prevent normal daily hygiene, swimming and other various sports activities. The material of kinesio-tapes also does not irritate the skin or cause hypersensitivity.